STH Show #164 – Trap2Go @ Bad As’s Sandwich 3.0 (2nd Anniversary Show)

What’s good witcha world?!  Tha Trap House is back for tha FINAL show of this three day marathon of….shows.  That was not redundant at all!  We come LIVE from Bad As’s Sandwich for tha 3rd time, and this one is for a special occasion.  Bad As’s along with Deli Fresh Threads were celebrating their respective 1 and 5 year anniversaries, and they were kind enough to let us join in for tha fun!  We realized after we scheduled it, that tha event in question actually fell exactly on our 2 year anniversary as well.  So it was a match made in heaven as tha religious folk tend to say.  We set up our tent (with some difficulty), talked to some new and old friends (with some difficulty), and drank a WHOLE bunch (with no difficulty).  So listen in as tha show gets drunker, tha guests get weirder, and celebrities abound make appearances on tha show.  Shouts to everyone who came out to support local Orlando culture to tha fullest, these are tha things that continue to make our community dope as hell.  Much appreciated everyone, cheers and enjoy!

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