STH Show #163 – Trap2Go @ An Evening With David Banner

What up with ya world?!  Tha Trap House rolls on with our three day extravaganza of new episodes for your dome pieces!  For this episode, Corndog and myself come to you live from tha UCF campus at Rosen, specifically from tha Darden Auditorium.  Our friends from The Mercury Collective partnered with NPR to host a conversation with a legendary Southern hip-hop musician, David Banner.  The dialogue was entitled, “An Evening With David Banner,” in which he spoke on his musical shift to activism through his music demonstrated in his most recent album, The God Box.  This was done in conjunction with tha “Nora Zeale Hurston Festival,” a celebration of the historic properties of one of our own local communities, Eatonville.  Before this engaging conversation occurred, we set up tha recording equipment in tha main lobby talking to all every one who came through tha doors for tha show.  We talked to many old friends, and some new ones as we shot tha ish outside tha auditorium doors.  This episode is just us blowing off steam before we settled down for tha serious talk when David Banner began, so expect nothing too thought provoking (unless cereal is high up on your priority list).  Remember, #StaySleep!  Cheers and enjoy!

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