STH Show #162 – Trap2Go @ The Guesthouse (Mixer Sisters Takeover)

What up with ya world?!  Tha Trap House is back, starting off tha first of three new podcasts to be released three days in a row!  We had some internet issues and were sitting on these podcasts, but now every thing is resolved and back to normal.  We start things off with tha episode we recorded from tha local Mills50 bar known as The Guesthouse.  Some good friends of ours (known as tha Mixer Sisters) held an event in conjunction with tha Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.  Tha Mixer Sisters is a group of female bartenders, all representing tha craft cocktail culture from different bars all throughout Orlando.  On this night in question, each sister devised their own special cocktail to be sold all night, with proceeds from each drink sold going towards tha Coalition.  They also accepted donations all night, so good deeds and vibes were flying everywhere!

We, however, have to ruin all things nice.  Corndog, B-Rock, and myself all joined up to show our support for tha homeless whilst having a little fun (at every one else’s expense in tha bar).  Corndog soon gets angry at myself, and tha podcast devolves into all of us fighting.  I am sure it will be enjoyable for you all to listen (to a degree), because boy howdy did I enjoy living it!  Seriously though, shouts to tha amazing things that were done that night for our local community.  It is these types of events that continue bringing Orlando together to support our own!  Cheers and enjoy!

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