STH Show #161 – Trap2Go @ Market On South (Thirsty Third Thursdays)

What’s really good out there witcha world?!  Tha Trap House is back yet again, keeping it mad local one time for ya as usual.  Corndog and myself walk two blocks down from tha Trap House to tha amazing vegan restaurant, Market On South, for tha new alcohol fueled event in tha Milk District.  Dubbed, “Thirsty Third Thursdays in the Milk District,” local brewers, wine makers, spirit mixers, and other local businesses bring out their tents for a night of drinks and community.  This fairly new event happens every third Thursday of each month, and tha rotating list of local breweries make it unique each time.  Be sure to check out tha next one, February 15th, because you know you’ll see us out there with our VIP cups!  Cheers and enjoy!

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