STH Show #158 – La Casa Trampa con Vanessa Flores

What it do world?!  La Casa Trampa is back in effect yet again for ya dome pieces!!!  We randomly met our awesome guest, Vanessa Flores, as she was busy painting one of tha transformer boxes in our beautiful Orlando neighborhood, Tha Milk District.  We exchanged info, and here we are with her interview!  We discuss her upbringing and Hispanic heritage, developing a passion for art, and of course her artwork on tha transformer box located SUPER close to tha Trap House, entitled “Locura Lúcida.”  You can see tha beautiful piece on tha corner of Central & Primrose in tha Milk District.  Hyped to have made a dope new friend, cheers and enjoy!

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Vanessa Flores Links:

Twitter: @vanieflores

Instagram: @vanessafloresart

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Trap House Ish:

Twitter: @SteezyTrapHouse

Instagram: @sthshow

Heat of Tha Week: Flying Lotus – “Quarantine”; Justin Timberlake – “Filthy”; MentPlus – “Electric Keys”

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