STH Show #148 – Trap2Go @ Tampa Am 2017

What up world?!  Wow, what a crazy weekend we just had at Tampa Am 2017.  Ish gets crazier and crazier every year we go back, and it never disappoints.  We recorded a couple small segments while on finals day of the competition, and I think we made it out okay despite myself wanting to drink and watch skateboarding instead of recording (as per usual).  We talked to a lovely new friend (shouts to Unique!) who was at tha competition with her son, and taught myself to go out and get what I want in life.  We met up with tha Vans TM from Chile and briefly were able to discuss skateboarding before being interrupted by a quite smashed individual.  We chatted with our old friend Steffano, and discussed his Sobre Mesa project.  Lastly, we talked with two amazing Brazilian skateboarders, Rodrigo Leal (pro) and Felipe Nunes (am).  Rodrigo aided in translating for us as we discussed Felipe’s crazy run during tha semi finals of tha contest, for Felipe does not have legs due to a childhood accident.  We tip our hats to Felipe for being a humble dude enjoying life to the fullest, and we couldn’t agree more when he says, “What better wheelchair than a skateboard?”  This was an amazing episode and a blast to record, cheers and enjoy!

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