STH Show #136 – Trap2Go @ Bad As’s Sandwich 2.0

What is good out there with ya world?!  Tha Trap House is back, and we are feeling all of tha positive vibes after recording this episode and seeing tha better side of humanity.  Corndog and myself camped out at tha end of our friend Chef John Collazo’s donation drive for tha hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, located at his Bad As’s Sandwich shop in tha Milk District.  It was quite heartwarming to see so many people out donating for a great cause, supporting our family and friends on tha island who have been plunged into a terrible plight.  We here at tha Trap House have nothing more to say than this: mobilize, donate, and support your fellow American citizens on tha island of Puerto Rico.  Even more so than that, support your fellow human beings!  Cheers and enjoy!

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Heat of Tha Week: Rapsody – “Power feat. Kendrick Lamar & Lance Skiiiwalker”; Rapsody – “Black & Ugly feat. BJ the Chicago Kid”; Rapsody – “Sassy”

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