STH Show #125 – Gooch Smooch

Ayyyeee what’s really good out there fam?!  Tha Trap House is back yet again with tha auditory sugar for your morning joe, sweetening it up just oh so right (delectable).  Corndog and myself have the pleasure of welcoming back our good friend, Big Rick of tha Libation Collective, to discuss their upcoming bar crawl in downtown Sanford on August 9, 2017.  That is this Saturday, basically two days away at this point!  It is a free event, and I shall post tha link to the event page for further info in the show notes below.  This show gets ridiculous quickly, as it tends to happen when tha homies come chill.  So sit back, light one, and enjoy tha show!  Cheers!

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Libation Collective Facebook / Sanford Summer Bar Crawl Event Page:

Trap House Ish:

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Instagram: @sthshow

Heat of Tha Week: Sean Price – “Negus feat. DOOM & Ike Eyez”; Quiñ – “Sticky Situation feat. Syd”; Amerigo Gazaway – “The Sixth Superstition”

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