Open Message to The Ruckus

Hello world.  I speak for everyone at tha Trap House in saying that we have been incredibly bummed about the entire Ruckus vs. Atlanta United debacle that happened July 21, 2017.  This was a gross representation of what Orlando stands for as entire city, one that was unified under the bonds against hate only a year ago.  My tailgate lot is located right across the street from the Ruckus lot, and I never thought we would have to come to the aid of an opposing team from actual physical violence.  As the city who preaches unity, how does this look to the rest of Florida, the MLS, or the rest of the nation?  “Come to Orlando!  We’ll knock your teeth out with a sucker punch if you have on the wrong colors!”  Does this not sound like regressive thinking to anyone else but me?  I will not stand by and watch injustices like this occur, especially when blatant lies have been told by the Ruckus in order to save face afterwards.  Atlanta United, Orlando City Soccer Club, the Orlando City supporters, and most importantly the city of Orlando all deserve a HUGE apology for the shame you have brought to our city.  Listen to this episode if you want, it’s just my opinion on the matter.  Be rest assured I have all the facts straight though, it is not possible to be hearsay when I was right across the street.  I’m out to Nicaragua for a week, feel free to send any opinions you have to our email, or on any of my social media.  I will gladly discuss this for some time to come.


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