STH Show #105 – Schoolhouse Caulk

Ayyeeee what it do out there world?!?!  Tha Trap House is back yet again, with some “Trap House Lite” fo’ yo’ ass.  On this episode it is just myself and Clarence Beaks holding down the studio duty, so we keep it brief and exciting (not).  We discuss Clarence’s future with “The Crop Report” and the prospect of bailing on friends for tacos right up the street.  Enjoy yourselves with this shorter, chill episode.  Have a great week, cheers!

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One thought on “STH Show #105 – Schoolhouse Caulk”

  1. Yo steezy its bluegill mcgillacutty from tnj chat fam I met u at cinco but any how in ep50 u guys were talking about leesburg that’s were I stay at but the reason for this email is to plast sum of ur stickers around here and also were can I purchase a trap house tee. Thanxs

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