STH Show #100 – Investigate Show 100! (#HundoneREDONE)


World…we made it!  Show 100 is upon us, and boy did it get schliittttt!  Tha Trap House was packed to the brim for this super size episode marking our 100th foray into the podcast world.  In attendance at various times throughout the episode, we have B-Rock, Corndog, Clarence Beaks, Javaris Temple, Apollo Replay, Tinder God, and Josh Fowler (Pinkman).  Whew!  That was a long breath.  We also welcome Alex Jones into the studio for a short amount of time just for kicks (ya know, cuz we know him and all).  I can honestly barely remember much from this…I’ll have to go back and listen just everyone else!  In all seriousness, we appreciate all the support we have received since starting.  Tha Trap House will continue grinding all day, err day!  Cheers and enjoy!!!!

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Heat of Tha Week: Dave East – “The Real is Back feat. Beanie Sigel”; Gorillaz – “Andromeda feat. D.R.A.M. (Bonobo Remix)”; Will Sessions – “Run, Don’t Walk Away”; Apollo Replay – “Supa Smashed Yoho”

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