STH Show #26 – Rage Against Fuzzy Britches

Hello everyone!  Coming back at you yet again from the Trap House with another fun-filled episode!  On this episode B-Rock and good friend Clarence Beaks sit in on our lively discussion.  Also, my long time friend and local artist/musician Mario Alexander comes in to aid the discussion and represent for his band, “Fuzzy Britches.”  Things we discussed on this show: – Stones/hippie stuff – Mario’s acoustic solo act – Intention tea – “They” bathrooms – Presidents – Lack of social media – Copious amounts of moonshine – Public bathroom app – Fake articles on FB – Wachowskis

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Heat of the Week: Fuzzy Britches – “Control”; De La Soul – “TrainWreck”; Danger Mouse – “Crazy (Remix)”; Gregory Porter – “Insanity”

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