Show #5 – Friendly Hurricanes

Hello everyone!  So begins our attempts to have a main show every Sunday, and a random shorter show sometime during the weekdays.  Obviously we understand the need of the people to be satisfied with instant gratification, so here ya go.  I hope you are happy as I type my fingers to the bone.  Expect new random guests, interviews with local artists/musicians, and other nonsense on these shorter (but almost listenable) shows.

David and Brian join along with a good friend Hurricane James (even though he did not get anywhere close to becoming Hurricane James).  Next time I will have to get that kid to stay off of his damn phone and pay attention…but anyways, some things we discussed this time around: Hurricane James’ conflicting nicknames – Shitty beer – Ramp tramps/skateboarding – Friendly Hurricanes/Category status – Arnold Day – The Life of Pablo – Rebel flag tint – Three 6 Mafia – Dave’s Lego hair – Mother’s home cooking – Stand up comedy at music festivals.

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