Show #1 – It Can Only Get Worse…


Welcome to the shittiest webpage around!  As this is the beginning of the show (and I still admittedly have no clue what I am doing), this site will continue to look this terrible for some time.  Bear with me as I figure out slowly day by day how to make my own page and make things look cleaner and more professional (yeah right).

So you might be wondering, what is Steezy’s Trap House about?  Besides being terribly named, it will simply be a round table discussion (hopefully multiple times a week) hitting on any kind of subject matter.  The idea is to have at least one different guest in for every episode, thereby keeping opinions fresh so you won’t have to listen to just mine.  The show will evolve naturally as we continue on, and I am looking forward to the growth in the future.

This first episode (which is not actually the first episode) was recorded after we discovered some things might have been said the first time around that did not sit comfortably with certain parties.  No biggie at all, we simply tried to redo it the best we could.  We had our own qualms about the situation, but in order to move forward we have to forget the shit in the past.  If we seem to be preoccupied, it is most likely because we have the first episode on the forefront of our minds.

In this episode I am joined by my friends David and Brian (also known as Dr. Uncle and Party Girl) to kick off the show.  We talk about our overall unpreparedness for the show, including how I am in possession of an intro song and have no idea how to include it in (I know I can put the song in post edit, just waayy to lazy to care).  We discuss Brian having to watch his neighbor’s dogs and his impending midlife crisis, and how David is coming to terms with the fact that he is not far behind.  David’s new roommate gets brought up, and we continue to warn our listeners that it will not get any better.  Mavis Beacon and everyone’s dry spells make a quick appearance until David’s negative energy about the show takes over all.

In all seriousness, we are learning quickly that this is a learning process.  Shit ain’t too bad though, so no need to worry.  We will figure it out as we go along and maybe prepare before a show.  Or not.  Please feel free to share with your friends, look us up on iTunes (once we get approved), download/subscribe, and delete right after if you want.

Much peace and love,